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Troll Capital Oy is a private single family investment office based in Helsinki, Finland.  We invest in both the public liquid markets and in the less liquid private markets, in both cases in a wide variety of instruments and structures.  In private markets, we mainly operate through funds.

Please note that we do not expect to do any new investments or commitments to private markets before year 2028 at the earliest.

Contact information

Troll Capital Oy
Haravakuja 5 B

Tel: + 358 45 276 6411

Managing Director, Mr. Elmar Paananen: + 358 500 503 865
Administration, Mr. Jarkko Merinen: + 358 40 570 1798

Our email addresses are not available here. You can send us an email here.

We are located on the island of Laajasalo east of downtown Helsinki, some 15-20 minutes by taxi from downtown, some 25-30 min from Helsinki airport.